About Us

ZoidResearch is an SEBI registered advisory from Indore, M.P.

Zoid Research has started ZoidResearch Gurukul to give basic information about share market, these articles will help beginners to know more about Stock Market and its investment structure.

The Curriculum is based on basic terminologies of stock market, advance charting styles and much more. Currently we have added below chapters in Zoid Reserarch Gurukul.

  • Chapter 1 –  Basic Guide to Share Market
  • Chapter 2 –  Types of Trading Styles
  • Chapter 3 –  Basics of Demat Account
  • Chapter 4 –  Basics of Online Trading Account
  • Chapter 5 – How to transfer Shares?
  • Chapter 6 – Difference between Trading vs. Investing
  • Chapter 7 – What are the various risk involved in Share Market?
  • Chapter 8 – What are stock quotes, price-targets and stop-loss targets?
  • Chapter 9 – Best Broking firms to open Demat Accounts in India


Your feedback about these curriculum will be always appreciated.